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21st APRIL 2023

It always begins at the piano, typically whilst I am practising something else altogether. I never set out to compose a song. Rather, the idea finds me, inching its way to the forefront of my thinking, dancing there for a while. Sometimes that's all it ever is, a passing thought, a “first sentence” that fades away as quickly as it came. Other times, the melody takes hold and I try to follow it to wherever it wishes to go.


For some years I have wanted to present an album of my own compositions. Viewpoint, my fourth recording, felt like the right time to take this creative step, both musically and personally. It is a collection of songs which captures this moment in my artistic journey. All eleven pieces represent, or have been coloured by, my own experiences and this chapter of my life.  


A Mother’s Love is particularly special to me. It was written for my second son, Oscar, two days after he was born. As we returned home and the dust began to settle, I turned to the piano and it was the first thing to come out. Prim and Proper is for my daughter Mairi, nicknamed Primrose. Again, this was written in the early days after she joined our family. O Mito is inspired by the Brazilian musician João Gilberto. Meaning “The Legend”, it is the title affectionately given to him in his homeland and aptly expresses his importance to me. 

Other influences on the recording, as with all my music, are apparent throughout, not least in their titles. The music of Herbie Hancock, Barry Harris, Cedar Walton and Ahmad Jamal, amongst others, is always in my ears and is lovingly paid homage to here. 


Viewpoint features a new trio with world-class musicians Joe Farnsworth on drums and Jeremy Brown on bass. Both exceptional players, their talent and wealth of experience is present throughout. Playing this music with them was a joy and I am thankful for their contribution to this album. 


There were many other people involved in bringing this project to fruition. Thank you to Matt Fishwick, Gerry O’Riordan, Joe Dessauer, Dan Redding, Josh Morrison, George Woodger, Sue Edwards and to my loving wife Brigid.


I hope you enjoy the music.


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Release date: 21st April 2023

Gabriel Latchin - piano 
Joe Farnsworth - drums 
Jeremy Brown - bass 

Recorded in London at Livingston Studios on the 5th of May 2023.

  1. Says Who? 05:48

  2. Prim and Proper 05:28

  3. A Mother's Love 04:55

  4. Train of Thought 05:04

  5. A Stitch in Time 03:42

  6. Bird in the Hand 05:38

  7. O Mito 04:41

  8. Mr. Walton 04:33

  9. Rest and Be Thankful 06:42

  10. Just the Ticket 04:38

  11. A Song for Herbie 05:37

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